Four years ago NADA commissioned respected automotive industry consultant Glenn Mercer to help franchised dealers scan the horizon for threats to the business so they could be proactive in how they plan for the future.
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March 2, 2020
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Tuning Up the “Dealership of Tomorrow” Insights

Four years ago NADA commissioned respected automotive industry consultant Glenn Mercer to help franchised dealers scan the horizon for threats to the business so they could be proactive in how they plan for the future. Mercer’s eventual report, “The Dealership of Tomorrow: 2025,” provided a comprehensive view of what automotive retailing would look like to dealers, consumers and manufacturers in 2025. Among other things, Mercer was one of the first to predict an evolution not a revolution of the dealership business model in spite of wild pronouncements about disruptive technologies and behaviors that “promised” to blow up everything we knew about personal vehicle ownership. Mercer’s initial insight is still just as relevant four years later. That said, we also thought a check-in couldn’t hurt, so last year we commissioned an update to the original Dealership of Tomorrow report.
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Top Stories

Defense Dept. Closes GAP Confusion
Dealer associations are praising the Department of Defense's decision last week to rescind a controversial interpretation of the Military Lending Act, clearing confusion that has prevented dealers from selling guaranteed asset protection, or GAP, to military members and covered relatives. The Pentagon withdrew part of a previously amended Q&A published in the December 2017 Interpretive Rule — specifically Q&A No. 2, which classified GAP as a "credit-related cost." The change took effect Friday, Feb. 28.
Source: Automotive News

Dealers Win Pivotal Change to Colo. EV Bill
In what Colorado auto dealers are calling a victory, state senators last week approved legislation that would allow Rivian and other electric vehicle manufacturers to sell directly to consumers — but only after scaling the bill back to exclude traditional automakers with franchised retail networks. That change softened the Colorado Automobile Dealers Association's opposition and gave proponents the votes needed to pass the bill Friday, Feb. 28, after lawmakers delayed a vote for several days. The dealers association, which had fiercely opposed the original bill, said it supported the amendment and now was neutral on the proposal, which goes to the state House for consideration.
Source: Automotive News

NADA to Elevate Women in Retail
A new National Automobile Dealers Association program aims to shine a spotlight on the opportunities for women in automotive retailing. The Women Driving Auto Retail initiative is focused on amplifying the voices of women already working in auto retail and increasing employment of women in dealerships. The initiative, in the works for years and with funding finally in place for 2020, was rolled out at the NADA Show last month with speakers, panels and a video contest.
Source: Automotive News

'Another Radical Idea': Rep. Levin Calls for Nationwide EV Charging Network
Congressman Andy Levin held a town hall Sunday at Royal Oak Middle School before dozens of Metro Detroiters, and used the occasion to tout his bill that would create a nationwide infrastructure of electric vehicle charging stations. With a global move toward electric vehicles, Levin's plan is to "establish a national network of electric vehicle charging stations."
Source: The Detroit News 

Editorial: Dealers Need Help Marketing EVs
Regulations around the world are spurring automakers to bring electric vehicles to market well before the economics would lead more than a few shoppers to change their preference away from vehicles powered by gasoline. Dealers are caught in the middle. Their customers have little interest in actually buying EVs, but their automaker partners need them to at least give it a solid effort. Bottom line: Retailers can't be expected to subsidize these ventures, so they will need significant support from manufacturers to sell and support these very different products.
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“This is a really positive solution. We should be able to go forward with selling GAP waivers.”

– Mike Alford, NADA regulatory affairs committee chairman and president of Marine Chevrolet-Cadillac in Jacksonville, N.C., Automotive News, March 2

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NADA Show 2021 Call for Speakers Opens March 10

Get your NADA Show 2021 workshop proposal ready! At every NADA Show, our workshop speakers and moderators impact the future of auto dealerships through their presentations at the Auto Industry Event of the Year. Thousands of dealers attend more than 100 education sessions, categorized by dealership departments and trending topics. The NADA Show 2021 Call for Speakers opens March 10, 2020. Save the date and learn more about the Call for Speaker Proposals process. Don’t forget to submit your proposal by the April 28 deadline.
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DOD Grants Joint NADA/AFSA Petition to Withdraw Q&A 2 from December 2017 MLA Interpretive Rule

The U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) has granted a joint petition filed by NADA and AFSA to withdraw Question and Answer (Q&A) 2 from a December 2017 Interpretive Rule that sought to define the scope of the motor vehicle financing exclusion to the Military Lending Act (MLA).
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Who is your favorite Financial

NADA is offering a five-day Financial Management Seminar on March 16-2020 in Austin, Texas. This seminar is a great opportunity for your general manager and office manager/controller to learn how to mine information from your financial statement and improve overall operation and profitability.
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